Heart-leaved Alexanders, Meadow Parsnip (Zizia aptera) close-up of flowerhead
Heart-leaved Alexanders (Meadow Parsnip)
Zizia aptera
Carrot family - Apiaceae

Growth habit: Medium-sized upright perennial

Height: 30 - 60 cm

Spread: 30 - 50 cm

Bloom Time: June - July

Bloom Colour: Bright yellow

Light: Full sun to semi-shade

Moisture: Average to wet

Soil: Average garden soil

Seeding: Fairly easy to grow from seed. Seeds require cold stratification in order to germinate. Cover the stratified seeds with a light layer of soil and keep moist during germination. See the Plant Info page for more detailed information on growing from seed.

Landscape uses: An attractive mid-sized plant with glossy green foliage and golden-yellow flat-topped flowers that provide a landing pad for bees and butterflies. Use to brighten a lightly shaded woodland corner or a sunny perennial bed. Does not spread. May self-seed, but is easily managed. Suggested spacing for planting is 45 cm.

Interesting features: Info coming soon

Natural habitat: Damp meadows, open woods, shrubby slopes and wetland margins.

Ecology: Nectar and pollen source for numerous native bees and other beneficial insects. Larval host for Anise Swallowtail butterflies.