Golden Bean (Buffalo-bean)
Golden Bean (Buffalo-bean)
Thermopsis rhombifolia
Pea Family - Fabaceae

Growth habit: Rhizomatous spreading perennial

Height: 20 - 45 cm

Spread: up to 1 m

Bloom Time: May - June

Bloom Colour: Bright yellow

Light: Full sun

Moisture: Average to dry

Soil: Average garden soil

Seeding: Scarify and soak before sowing. See the Plant Info page for more detailed information on growing from seed.

Landscape uses: This perennial is a wonderful patch of sunshine in the spring. Typical pea-shaped yellow flowers, followed by narrow curved pods which contain tiny kidney-shaped beans. These plants will quickly expand into a large patch if not contained.

Interesting features: Rare in the Edmonton area, but very common - even invasive - further south. Beans and pods are poisonous.

Natural habitat: Prefers well-drained sandy or gravelly slopes and dry grasslands.

Ecology: Nectar resource for pollinating insects and butterflies. May be a larval host plant for some butterfly species.