Stiff Goldenrod
Solidago rigida
Aster family - Asteraceae

Growth habit: Medium tall clumping perennial

Height: 45 - 75 cm

Spread: Info coming soon

Bloom Time: August - September

Bloom Colour: Yellow

Light: Full sun

Moisture: Wet to dry

Soil: Any type

Seeding: Requires cold stratification. Keep moist while germinating.

Landscape uses: Very attractive with its large, flat-topped clusters of golden-yellow flowers. Its advantage is that it will grow into a nice clump, but it won't spread aggressively. Suggested spacing when planting is 30 cm. Seed heads provide winter interest.

Interesting features: Info coming soon

Natural habitat: Info coming soon

Ecology: Attracts bees, butterflies and birds. Important late-season pollen source for insects.