Slender Blue Beardtongue (Penstemon procerus) flowerhead
Slender Blue Beardtongue (Small-flowered Beardtongue)
Penstemon procerus
Plantain family - Plantaginaceae

Growth habit: Short-lived perennial

Height: 15 - 45 cm

Spread: Info coming soon

Bloom Time: May - June, August - September

Bloom Colour: Shades of pinkish-blue to electric blue or purple

Light: Full sun

Moisture: Regular to moist

Soil: Average garden soil

Seeding: Requires cold stratification. High germination rate. See our Plant Info page for more information on stratifying seeds.

Landscape uses: A reliable attractive plant for the garden. Will grow upright if crowded. Sprawls when given more space, but works well as a border plant this way. Removing the flowers after the first bloom will encourage it to bloom again in late summer into the fall. Self-seeds, but is easily managed.

Interesting features: Now rare in the natural areas of Edmonton.

Natural habitat: Damp meadows. Common in prairie and aspen parkland remnants where it can be seasonally abundant.

Ecology: An early bloomer, this plant is a good source of nectar and pollen for emerging bumblebees.