Alumroot flower stalk in a meadow
Alumroot (Richardson's Alumroot)
Heuchera richardsonii
Saxifrage family - Saxifragaceae

Growth habit: Neat, rounded perennial

Height: Flowering stems to 60 cm

Spread: 25 - 45 cm

Bloom Time: June - July

Bloom Colour: Pinkish-purple

Light: Sun to semi-shade

Moisture: Dry to moist

Soil: Well-drained average garden soil

Seeding: Seeds require cold stratification in order to germinate. See the Plant Info page for more detailed information on growing from seed.

Landscape uses: An excellent plant for a rock garden or a border. The flowers are not showy, but the tall stems provide a nice airy contrast to the neat, rounded habit of the leaves. The yellowish seed heads provide visual interest throughout the summer. Suggested spacing for planting is 45 cm.

Interesting features: The foliage turns shades of red in late summer and fall.

Natural habitat: Open sandy or gravelly ground and slopes.

Ecology: Attracts hummingbirds. Nectar source for bees and butterflies.