Alpine Hedysarum
Alpine Hedysarum
Hedysarum americanum
Pea family - Fabaceae

Growth habit: Colony-forming perennial with upright stems

Height: 20 - 70 cm

Spread: 40 - 60 cm

Bloom Time: June - July

Bloom Colour: Pale to rose pink

Light: Sun to semi-shade

Moisture: Moist to dry; drought tolerant

Soil: Average, well-drained garden soil

Seeding: Pre-treat by soaking in 80C water for 12 hours and plant out in pots or in a well-marked area directly in the ground in late spring. See the Plant Info page for more detailed information on growing from seed.

Landscape uses: An attractive, medium height plant for the middle of a bed. It will gradually grow into a large colony but is not invasive. The plants have a thick taproot and do not transplant easily, so it is recommended to plant seedlings. Space seedlings about 30 cm apart when planting.

Interesting features: The nutrient-rich tap root is eaten by both large and small animals. Young roots have a licorice-like flavour and are an important food source for grizzly bears. The plant is also known as "Bear Root".

Natural habitat: Moist open sites in woods, on slopes and gravelly banks.

Ecology: Flowers attract bumblebees. Empty seed pods may be caused by lack of pollinators or insect damage.