Showy Aster (Western Showy Aster) (Eurybia conspicuously) flowers
Showy Aster (Western Showy Aster)
Eurybia conspicua
Aster family - Asteraceae

Growth habit: Tall spreading perennial

Height: 60 - 90 cm

Spread: Spreads by rhizomes into a large clump

Bloom Time: Late July - September

Bloom Colour: Shades of purple

Light: Full sun to semi-shade

Moisture: Average

Soil: Average garden soil

Seeding: Aster seeds have a low germination rate, so be generous when sowing. You can always thin them out later. Sow the seeds directly into the garden in late fall and they will germinate in the spring. If starting indoors, moist cold stratify for 2-4 weeks. See our Plant Info page for more in-depth information.

Landscape uses: A tall robust plant that looks best at the back of the border or in front of shrubs. Its early growth adds greenery to the garden long before the plant blooms.

Interesting features: Info coming soon

Natural habitat: Common along the edges of woods, this robust plant is a pioneer that grows readily on disturbed ground in semi-shade.

Ecology: All asters are important sources of nectar and pollen for late-season and overwintering native bees. Attracts butterflies.