Meadow arnica (Arnica chamissonis) in full bloom
Meadow Arnica (Chamisson's Arnica, Leafy Arnica)
Arnica chamissonis
Aster family - Asteraceae

Growth habit: Spreading perennial

Height: 45 - 75 cm

Spread: Info coming soon

Bloom Time: June - July

Bloom Colour: Golden yellow

Light: Full sun

Moisture: Average to moist

Soil: Average garden soil

Seeding: Sow seeds in late fall or late spring directly into the garden.

Landscape uses: Meadow Arnica is a very hardy plant that grows in any soil in full sun. It is a useful medium height groundcover that is easily kept in check by digging out unwanted plants. Prevent unwanted spread with lawn edging buried at least 15 cm deep.

Interesting features: All Arnicas are poisonous.

Natural habitat: Info coming soon

Ecology: Info coming soon