Little-leaved Pussytoes
Little-leaved Pussytoes (Small-leaved Pussytoes, Small-leafed Everlasting; Little-leaf Pussytoes)
Antennaria parviflora
Aster family – Asteraceae/Compositae

Survives in a hot, dry location and will also grow in the very dry, semi-shaded areas close to evergreen trees. An excellent ground cover - spreads into a nice soft mat, covering bare ground even in stony areas. Also good for planting between flagstones in a path or in a rock garden. This plant spreads by short, above-ground runners called stolons, but is not aggressive.

Bloom time: June through August
Ht: 10 – 25 cm (4-10”)
Sun; well-drained poor soil.

Sow seeds directly into the garden in late fall. If starting indoors, moist cold stratify for 2-3 weeks.