Nodding Onion (Allium cernuum) flowerhead
Nodding Onion (Nodding Wild Onion)
Allium cernuum
Amaryllis family - Amaryllidaceae

Growth habit: Short, bulb-bearing perennial producing a single flower stem per tuft of flat green leaves.

Height: 15 - 40 cm

Spread: A single plant will spread out slowly as bulbs borne on short rhizomes develop.

Bloom Time: May - July

Bloom Colour: Light to mid-pink

Light: Sun to semi-shade

Moisture: Average moisture

Soil: Average garden soil

Seeding: Difficult to germinate. Requires cold stratification. Germinates best in dark, but needs to be close to the surface of the soil.

Landscape uses: Nodding onion is suitable for rock gardens, herb beds, naturalized beds and grassy landscapes. It creates a showy display when planted in masses or grouped together.

Interesting features: Edible, but has a strong taste. Its relative, wild chives, Allium schoenoprasum var. sibiricum is native to Alberta and is occasionally encountered in the wild in moist places. However most occurrences are considered to be escapees from cultivation.

Natural habitat: Moist open woods and thickets.

Ecology: Flowers are attractive to bees and other small pollinating insects.