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April 2017

• Landscaping With Native Plants
• Seedy Sundays/Saturday Report
• Hairy Manzanita and Hummingbirds

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March 2017

• Muttart Native Plant Garden
• Plant Families - Salicaceae - Willow Family

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February 2017

• Native wildflower meadow seeding experiment
• Doug Kelly Thistle Patrol
• Plant Families - The Cattail Family

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January 2017

• New Zealand is in Flower in the New Year
• Book Review

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December 2016

• Butterflies of Edmonton - Clouded Sulphur
• False Dragonhead, Physostegia ledinghamii

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November 2016

• Toward a More Biodiverse Edmonton
• Plant Families - Cornaceae and Hydrangeaceae
• Native Plants for the Short Season Yard

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October 2016

• Plant Family - Gentianaceae

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September 2016

• Our Fertile Wilderness: Halfmoon Lake Natural Area
• Butterflies of Edmonton

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August 2016

• Terwillegar Park Update or Save the Seneca-root!
• What's growing in your neighbourhood?

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July 2016

• An Unexpected Native Wildflower Garden
• Seed Collecting in July
• How to tell a buttercup from a cinquefoil

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June 2016

• Prairie Crocus: Does it have a future in urban natural areas?
• Seed collecting in Spring
• Canadian Tiger Swallowtail

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May 2016

• Butterflies of Edmonton - Silvery Blue
• Plants for Pollinators