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April 2020

• Belgravia Arts Park Native Plant Planting Bed
• The Importance of Plant Identification

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March 2020

• How plants use anthocyanins as sunscreen
• Growing Native Flowers from Seed. How to do it, and which species are best
for you.

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February 2020

• Rust Fungus on Canada thistle
• Stratifying native seeds
• How plants get sex and food: a look at strategies

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January 2020

• Wildflower Tour to SW Australia
• Alberta Plant Names: A Guide to Their Pronunciation, Meanings and
English alternatives - book review

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December 2019

• Salix serissima, Autumn Willow

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November 2019

• Where are they now? Gail Fennell
• Fern Families
• Figworts? What Figworts?

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October 2019

• White-tipped Bleached Creeping (Canada) Thistle
• Fort Saskatchewan Prairie Fall

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September 2019

• Gibbons Prairie Field Trip
• Add More Native Plants Urban Gardens
• Indian pipe, mycoheterotrophy, and the importance of being connected…

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August 2019

• Bedstraw, madder or coffee family
• Bee Lawns
• AWES and ENPS wildflower meadow
• Royal Mayfair Golf Course

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July 2019

• Bee lawns - What’s all the buzz about?

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June 2019

• Field trips and phenology without flowers

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May 2019

• The darling buds of May
• Looking closely….