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April 2014

• Butterflies of Edmonton
• Why Native Plants?

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March 2014

• Hello, Shooting Stars nice to meet you!
• It's Time to Plant Seeds
• Wildflower - False Dandelion

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February 2014

• Wildflower - Smooth Fleabane
• Plant Communities are Dynamic Ecosystems
• Animal, Mineral or Vegetable

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January 2014

• Winter Gardening Anyone?

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December 2013

• Wildflower of the Month - Slender Blue Beardtongue

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November 2013

• Thomas Nuttall, Naturalist

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October 2013

• Common Tall Sunflower
• Cleaning and Storing Seeds
• Putting Your Garden to Bed for the Winter

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September 2013

• Harvesting Seeds
• Wildflower of the Month - Purple Prairie Clover

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August 2013

• The Beginnerʼs Guide to Choosing Native Wildflowers

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July 2013

• Lendrum Natural Area
• Wildflower of the Month - Lilac-flowered Beardtongue

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June 2013

• Volunteers yank out noxious garlic mustard by the roots
• Holyrood Elementary Courtyard Classroom

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May 2013

• Spring Means Violets!
• School Ground Naturescapes