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Showy aster empty seed heads in winter

March 2023

  • Erratum: Reed canarygrass
  • The Ditch Project
  • Easy to Grow Wildflowers
  • Starting Seeds Indoors
Blue gramma grass seed heads in winter

February 2023

  • Gibbons Prairie Snowmobile Report
  • Easy to Grow Wildflowers
  • Different Methods for Stratifying Native Seeds
Indian pipe, Montropa uniflora in a wooded area near Bunchberry Meadows

January 2023

  • Three Easy to Grow Flowers - And One Challenging Flower
  • Reed Canarygrass: “Cryptic Invader”

Harebells, Campanula alaskana, in memory of Judith Golub

December 2022

• Supporting overwintering native bees
• Are native plants just a bunch of weeds?


November 2022

• Passing of Judith Golub
• Administrative update

Shooting Star

October 2022

• Fall Seed Collecting, Cleaning and Storage
• Grasses Part 9. Grasses of Saline Areas


September 2022

• Grasses of Peatlands and Calcareous Habitats Part 8

Nisku Prairie.

August 2022

• Those Darned Arnicas!
• Grasses of the Edmonton Region, Part 8

• Oleskiw Observations: Bedstraws, Poison Ivy and Others

Blue Grama Grass

July 2022

• Planting at the Inner City High School
• Grasses of the Edmonton Region, Part 7

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June 2022 Special Edition

Rescue of Native plants from Ancient Grassland near Cochrane, Alberta

news image

June 2022

• Grasses of the Edmonton Region, Part 6
• A Plant For Every Reason, Part 6

Giant Hyssop

May 2022

• Grasses of the Edmonton Region, Part 5